Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank You

I wanted to give Thanks to all my fellow bloggers and you tubers....All you ladies are sooo wonderful and such an inspiration. When I first started scrappin it was so hard to find tutorials and how to's. But now I've learned so much and hope to continue to learn more, but more than anything I love sharing my projects, I feel like I now have someone to share my projects with other than my hubby and sister. Fellow crafters understand how much work is put into our projects. So THANK YOU all for the encouragement and inspiration.

Like I had mentioned before in another post, I started teaching some friends how to put together minis. Now this has grown thankfully because I enjoy doing it. This past Friday I had a pretty large group of ladies all of them were first timers never had they scrapbooked before. So I had my work cut out for myself. Thankfully my sister Ana Pink accompanied me to the class to help me. At first it seemed they were a little overwhelmed but about 1 1/2 into the class their creativeness started to kick in, so much they didn't even want to take a break. After 3 hours which was suppose to be the limit they didn't want to stop. I think they wanted to walk out of there with a complete mini. But that is just the way it has worked out with all my first classes. I'll be posting pictures and video later of the project we did. Maybe what I need to do is keep the mini even more simple than I had already thought I did.

Thank You All

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